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You are the leader of Mobile Task Force Epsilon-11 "Nine-Tailed Fox".
Your current mission? Recontain all instances of SCP-3199 by any means necessary, no matter the cost.
It is up to you to make sure you complete your mission while making sure you lose as few men as possible.

"XK Scenario: Humans, Refuted" is a strategy RPG where you lead the Mobile Task Force in their mission to recontain SCP-3199 in this short strategy RPG.

Install instructions

If you do not already own the game, just download and extract the main zip.

If you already own the game but want to update it to Version 1.2, download the patch zip and extract its contents into the same folder as the game. (The patch zip does NOT contain the full game- just update data.)


XK Scenario - Humans, Refuted 204 MB
Version 1.2 Patch (Does not contain the full game) 52 MB

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